Quartz pseudomorph after calcite

An excellent miniature specimen showing a „cast“ of quartz, covering steep scalenohedron crystals, secondary completely dissolved.

„Quartz flower“

A very aesthetic quartz – rock crystal developed on the top of rhodochrosite spherulite aggregates

Quartz – japanese law twin with celestine

An extraordinary specimen of clear- rock crystal quartz, with several well-presented Japanese law twins. In the late stages of the crystallization process, were developed several groups of gold color groups of needle celestine crystals

Needle quartz with pyrite, galena and sphalerite

A specimen of shiny small galena and sphalerite crystals, followed by bigger pyrite crystals, particularly oxidated and coated by bornite. All these minerals are covered by extremely shiny, long-axes, needle quartz crystals, very well space developed and forming a set of crystals

Quartz with rainbow pyrite

A unique for Bulgaria specimen presenting space developed transparent quartz – rock crystal with very well terminated shiny pyrite crystals coated by iridiscenting bornite and covellite as result of oxidation of , most likely coating of chalcopyrite