Mirror shiny galena with quartz

An excellent cabinet size specimen of galena, with very lustrous and shiny faces. Crystals are developed in the cubic shape. Galena crystalize on the back side of tectonically broken quartz and reconstructed older galena generation.In the last stage of development there are signs of „desolvation waves“

Sphalerite- marmatite and cleophane, galena and quartz

A very rare specimen presenting two kind of sphalerite – marmatite ( black and opaque) and cleophane (transparent with yellow – green color). These two varieties alternate in the specimens and even in the crystals there are zones of marmatite and cleophane with very strong border according planes of cleavage. Morphology of the crystals is tipical for marmatite. Sphalerite covers galena and quartz.

thin needle quartz with pyrite, galena and sphalerite

A beautiful and very aesthetic specimen in cabinet size presenting almost full paragenesis set of Madan. Specimen is build in sphalerite, galena and pyrite overgrought by very thin, long axes quartz needles forming space developed net with quartz stars. In the late stage of crystallization were formed small pyrite crystals, used as a seed for developing of transparent quartz crystals,after deposit on galena, pyrite and sphalerite crystals continue their development forming an excellent space net.

Quartz „flower“

An well terminated quartz crystals, developed from one center and cluster look like a flower. Cluster is well space developed, and form circle structures.