Calcite, quartz, limonite

One very nice miniature specimen of steep scalenohedral calcite crystal, developed on quartz and coated by limonite.

Quartz, sphalerite – marmatite, chalcopyrite, pyrite and chlorite

One fantastic, large cabinet size specimen, with double faces, presenting pyrite, overgrowth by quartz-rock crystal with very high brilliancy, and followed by very lustrous sphalerite – marmatite, chlorite, and chalcopyrite. Marmatite and chalcopyrite have tetrahedral habits. Borieva mine, Madan, Bulgaria
size 120 x 80 x 57 mm – weight 390 grams.

Quartz, pyrite and sphalerite

A beautiful specimen of transparent quartz, overgrowth by pyrite and followed by black and very lustrous sphalerite-marmatite.

Sphalerite – marmatite, galena, quartz

One amazing cabinet size specimen of quartz crystals and galena, overgrowth by tetrahedral sphalerite – marmatite crystals with mirror lustrous crystal faces and multiple indications of twins.

Sphalerite-marmatite, galena, quartz-rock crystal

An exceptional specimen of transparent quartz-rock crystal, followed by galena – secondary strongly dissolved, overgrowth by very well developed tetrahedral sphalerite – marmatite crystals with extremely lustrous faces with many twinned crystals.

Quartz, epidote

An amazing cabinet size specimen, presenting a cluster of clear quartz crystals overgrowth by thin needles of epidote.

Manganocaslcite, galena, quartz and pyrite

One beautiful thumbnail of cubic galena crystals, strongly dissolved and rounded, developed after transparent quartz crystal and pyrite, and followed by 2 larger and steep, scalenohedral pinkish manganocalcite crystals, lately overgrowth by small rhombohedral crystals, also with light pink color.