„Melted“ galena on quartz

A funny specimen of „melted “ galena developed on quartz and presenting single cubic crystal, strongly dissolved in the last stage of mineralization process. Specimen has cut base.
Krushev Dol mine, Madan,Rhodope mountin, Bulgaria.

Lemonite quartz

An aesthetic piece of in thin, long-axes transparent quartz crystals, covered by a thin crust of yellow limonite.

Galena , cahlcopyrite, sphalerite and pyrite

A very interesting specimen build of quartz, followed by galena particularly corrupted and exchanged by chalcopyrite, which also is dissolved in some parts by recrystallizing pyrite

Small beauty – sphalerite (marmatite)

A beautiful small specimen showing a very shiny and well-terminated sphalerite(marmatite) crystal. It combines developing of several crystals on the surface of one tetrahedral sphalerite crystals – forming „sphalerite star“.Marmatite is fallowing quartz long axes quartz crystals