Quartz „flower“

An well terminated quartz crystals, developed from one center and cluster look like a flower. Cluster is well space developed, and form circle structures.

Quartz pseudomorph after calcite

An excellent miniature specimen showing a „cast“ of quartz, covering steep scalenohedron crystals, secondary completely dissolved.

„Quartz flower“

A very aesthetic quartz – rock crystal developed on the top of rhodochrosite spherulite aggregates

Quartz – japanese law twin with celestine

An extraordinary specimen of clear- rock crystal quartz, with several well-presented Japanese law twins. In the late stages of the crystallization process, were developed several groups of gold color groups of needle celestine crystals

Mirror shiny galena with quartz

An excellent small specimen of galena, with very lustrous and shiny faces. Crystals are developed in the cubic shape. Galena crystalize on the back side of tectonically broken quartz and reconstructed older galena generation.In the last stage of development there are signs of „desolvation waves“