Quartz coated by limonite

One exceptionally aesthetic,  large cabinet size specimen, of well developed quartz crystals secondary coated by limonite.

Needle quartz, pyrite and galena

One very nice cabinet size specimen  of galena covered with pyrite and overgrowth by transparent , long axes, and very lustrous quartz crystals.

Galena, pyrite, sphalerite and quartz

One beautiful cabinet size specimen of quartz on mother rock and prazem overgrowth by pyrite and black sphalerite- marmatite and well shaped cubic galena crystals


Galena with quartz

Beautiful tumbnail specimen of transparent quartz crystals with mirror shiny gakena  with step developed faces

Quartz – rock crystal

An excellent small specimen of rock crystal with long axes transparent and well terminated crystals.

Manganocalcite, quartz, dolomite

A very aesthetic large  cabinet size specimen of transparent quartz-rock crystal on the top of galena and sphalerite, followed by well shaped manganocalcite crystals, twined in several places and covered in the end by white ball crystals of dolomite