Pyrite on cacite

One killer large cabinet size specimen of small very sharp and lustrous clusters of pyrite, spirally developed on white calcite.

An extraordinary specimen of calcite, developed on quartz.

 An extraordinary cabinet size specimen of scalenohedral calcite crystals, interesting developed perpendicularly to long axes quartz crystals. In the latest stages of the mineralization process, calcite was strongly dissolved and particularly destroyed

Cluster on calcite crystals

One excellent cabinet size specimen presenting a single steep scalenohedron crystal, overgrowth by second-generation small calcite crystals, and on a side of the main crystal are connected a cluster of smaller calcite crystals

Quartz ,Sphalerite- Marmatite overgrowth by Calcite „rose“

A beautiful specimen of Quartz,Sphalerite- Marmatite overgrowth by Calcite

Size: 80 x 55 x 25 mm
Weight: 74 grams

A specimen that you receive may look slightly different in color from the one on the photographs. Because of the lights used to make the photos.

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Quartz, rhodochrosite, calcite

One beautiful cabinet size specimen of clear quartz crystals overgrowth by the rhodochrosite with not usual orange color, and covered by rhombohedral white to translucent calcite crystals . Giudurska mine, Erma reka, Rhodope mountains, Zlatograd area, Bulgaria