Mirror skeletal galena, sphalerite-marmatite, chalcopyrite and pyrite

One exceptional cabinet size specimen of extremely lustrous – mirror shiny skeletal galena crystals, with very interesting rectangle contact of flat plate crystals with cubic symmetry, developed on the top of also very lustrous sphalerite-marmatite, with chalcopyrite and pyrite.

Pyrite, sphalerite-marmatite, galena and quartz

One excellent specimen of 2 very well terminated clusters of pyrite crystals, with bright lustrous crystal faces, developed on black opaque sphalerite – marmatite, and flat skeletal galena crystal, followed by quartz. Size 42 x 40 x 20 mm. The 9-th of September mine, Madan, Bulgaria

Rhodochrossite and quartz

One excellent, highly aesthetic, cabinet size specimen, of rhodochrosite developed on the top of very well terminated quartz crystals

Mirror lustrous galena and quartz

One perfect specimen presenting clear quartz crystals overgrowth by large, single galena crystal with very specifical desolvation „fingerprint“ developed on mirror lustrous crystal faces.

Galena, quartz, chamosite

An amazing specimen presenting a mirror lustrous strongly dissolved galena crystals, overgrowth by thin clear quartz crystals and covered by green small spherulites of chamosite.

Galena, chalcopyrite, pyrite and quartz

An excellent cabinet size specimen of galena, overgrowth by chalcopyrite tetrahedral crystals. The chalcopyrite is internally dissolved and replaced particularly by pyrite – small pyrite crystals cut the surface of the mother chalcopyrite crystals. The second generation of a galena-bearing solution formed a large galena crystal, which covered most of the chalcopyrite crystals, but some of the ends of these crystals stay out. At the end of the crystalization process, the white quartz overgrowth all of the early formed crystals.

Rainbow pyrite

An exceptional, aesthetic, cabinet size specimen of pyrite coated by bornite and covellite and showing incredible color play.

Sphalerite-marmatite, galena and pyrite

A very attractive, aesthetic specimen of galena and pyrite lustrous crystals, overgrowth by extremely lustrous, well-shaped black sphalerite crystals with tetrahedral habit. In marmatite, there are several twinned crystals.