Chalcopyrite, quartz, pyrite and sphalerite

A beautiful cabinet specimen of sphalerite and chalcopyrite followed by pyrite, which corroded chalcopyrite by internal replacement, in some places breaking from inside mother chalcopyrite crystals. #1373

Quartz, pyrite, sphalerite-marmatite

One excellent, large cabinet size specimen of perfectly developed in space net transparent quartz crystals overgrowth by large black lustrous sphalerite- marmatite crystal and  small also very lustrous cubs of pyrite

Amethyst on rock crystal

One very aesthetic cabinet size specimen of perfectly developed amethyst crystal  overgrowth on colorless small quartz crystals.

Barite, quartz

One excellent miniature of brown-green barite crystals on white quartz. Barite is with  phantom in some places.

Fragment of transparent green spahlerite- cleophane convenient for faceting


Fragment of sphalerite- cleophane crystal with size 16 x 12,5 x 6 mm – weight 2,2 grams. The specimen is completely transparent, color is light green to yellow green and colorless in the center the color is spread in color zones. Internal space is clear of inclusions. Pictures are taken in reflected halogen light on white background.


Quartz – rock crystal cluster

One beautiful cabinet size crystal specimen of quartz – rock crystal. The specimen is built in the long axis transparent crystals with lustrous faces and interesting – one side development of the top fo quartz crystals. One of the sides of the pyramid faces is much stronger developed than the others, which most likely is caused by a strong solution flowing during the crystallization process.


Calcite, quartz sphalerite

One exceptional specimen , build in small quartz crystals, covered by black sphalerite and overgrowth by calcite aggregate. On the top is situated large, translucent double terminated calcite scalenohedron crystal. What is very rare, is that one of the ends of scalenohedron is twined in a „swallow-tail“ twin.