„Melted“ galena with quartz

Excellent specimen presenting large cubic galena crystals on thin quartz crystals, showing clear signs of intensive dissolvation.

„Melted“ galena with spinel law twins

Excellent and aesthetic small galena crystals on quartz base and with singenetically developed black sphalerite-marmatite crystals. Galena is presented by well developed shiny galena crystals, some of them with pseudohexagonal symmetry, typical for galena crystals, twined in spinel law twin. Galena is with rounded edges most likely result of dissolvation.

„Melted“ galena floater

An exceptional specimen of very aesthetic galena crystal, crystalized floating with quartz and pyrite crystals. Galena shows well-presented dissolution patterns on cubic faces, forming fingerprint waves and demonstrating how the crystal start its dissolution in the order opposite to it’s building.

„Melted“ galena on quartz

A funny specimen of „melted “ galena developed on quartz and presenting single cubic crystal, strongly dissolved in the last stage of mineralization process. Specimen has cut base.
Krushev Dol mine, Madan,Rhodope mountin, Bulgaria.