Almandin garnet on albite

One very aesthetic tumbnail size specimen of small and very well shaped almandin crystals overgrowth white albite crystals

Feather like calcite crystals

An unique specimen of very aesthetic splited up calcite crystals forming feather like delicate crystals developed on the base of galena and pyrite, covered by skalenohedron calcite crystals

Amethyst, pyrite

One excellent cabinet size specimen of parallel developed dark amethyst crystals covered by well terminated lustrous pyrite crystals.

Rainbow pyrite with quartz

One very nice , cabinet size specimen of well terminated cubic pyrite crystals, covered by quartz strongly oxidated to bornite in some parts of the specimen.

Quartz coated by limonite

One exceptionally aesthetic,  large cabinet size specimen, of well developed quartz crystals secondary coated by limonite.