Green transparent sphalerite-cleophane on quartz

An exceptional specimen showing transparent green sphalerite-cleophane on white flat quartz skeletal aggregates. Spalerite crystals are with isometric proportions. The biggest isolated crystal has perfectly shaped lustrous faces with clear internal angles showing presence of twining issues.

Galena with chalcopyrite

A nice specimen of very well terminated and lustrous cubic galena crystals in some places covered by small chalcopyrite crystals. The crystals are rounded by secondary dissolution.


One well shaped cabinet size specimen of fluorite crystals with very pale green color and phantom of colors on the top of the crystals in light violet. Specimen is very rare, because the mine was closed before 30 years and almost all galleries collapsed.

Rhodochrosite with quartz,pyrite and sphalerite

A large cabinet size and very attractive rhodochrosite specimen with very intensive pink color. Rhodochrosite is presented in two generations – one forming typical spherolites hemispheres, which is followed by sphalerite and pyrite and second which is with smaller crystals with intensive color, covering bigger part of earlier minerals. In the end crystallized small transparent quartz crystals

Golden calcite with galena, pyrite and sphalerite

An excellent cabinet size specimen of well shaped small crystals of galena, sphalerite and pyrite overgrowth by very lustrous rhombohedrons of golden color calcite with mosaic surface.
size 84 x 40 x 45 mm

calcite after calcite pseudomorph

A beautiful tumbnail specimen of steep scalenohedrons calcite crystals, covered by several generations of calcite aggregates. In the last stage of crystallization process on the top were developed excellent terminated flat calcite rhombohedron transparent to translucent crystals with yellowish color.

„The number 3“ Galena with chalcopyrite

One just unique, cabinet size specimen of well shaped cascade galena crystals, slightly dissolved, with small chalcopyrite crystals. One of the galena crystals, clearly show number 3.

Galena with quartz

An excellent small and very aesthetic specimen of cascade developed cubic galena crystals on quartz. The faces of galena are very lustrous and show signs of dissolution and rounding the edges.