Tra on quartznsparent green sphalerite-cleophane

Small but very nice specimen of transparent isometric sphalerite-cleophane crystals with intensive green color on the top of quartz aggregate. The biggest crystal is broken and secondary rehealed on the place.

Red garnet almandin with quartz

One beautiful cabinet size specimen of very well terminated, red color garnet crystals with size up to 5-8 mm, with very lustrous faces. What is very rare to see is part of the cavity pegmatite mother rock where are developed almandin crystals.

Lemonite quartz

A cabinet size very aesthetic group of long axes quartz crystals, coated by lemonite and covered in some parts with small calcite aggregates.

Quartz after stilbite on quartz pseudomorph

One large cabinet size attractive specimen showing comparatively rare situation of large stilbite crystals developed on quartz and lately exchanged by calcite and covered by small grain quartz crystals.

Mirror shiny galena with quartz

An excellent cabinet size specimen of galena, with very lustrous and shiny faces. Crystals are developed in the cubic shape. Galena crystalize on the back side of tectonically broken quartz and reconstructed older galena generation.In the last stage of development there are signs of „desolvation waves“