Amethyst crystal

One perfect miniature specimen of very well double terminated amethyst crystal with phantom spreading of color, on the base of quartz

Calcite and manganocalcite

One very rare specimen, combination of two steep scalenohedron manganocalcite, overgrowth by transparent calcite – forming phantom inside transparent calcite

Cluster of quartz – rock crystal

A beautiful specimen of completely transparent quartz – rock crystal with lustrous crystal faces. Mine Krushev Dol, Madan, Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria

Doublepointed amethyst on quartz

A beautiful small specimen, presenting double terminated amethyst crystal with lustrous crystal faces and phanthom spreading of color.

Galena with chalcopyrite

One exceptional skeletal galena crystal secondarily dissolved and forming strange „melting“( almost surrealistic) pictures. Galena is developed on the top of chalcopyrite crystal.

Quartz cluster with pyrite

One large cabinet size cluster of well developed mosaic quartz crystals developed together with pyrite crystals which start their development inn the last stages of growing of quartz. As result part of the pyrite crystals are inside quartz and the rest is on the top of the crystals.