Sphalerite-marmatite, galena and pyrite

A very attractive, aesthetic specimen of galena and pyrite lustrous crystals, overgrowth by extremely lustrous, well-shaped black sphalerite crystals with tetrahedral habit. In marmatite, there are several twinned crystals.

Galena, quartz, sphalerite-marmatite and chalcopyrite

One excellent, large cabinet size specimen, of quartz, overgrowth by large, very well-developed galena crystals segmented formation, followed by chalcopyrite and black sphalerite-marmatite. Galena is strongly dissolved in the last stages of crystallization, forming fingerprint signs.

Chalcopyrite, Galena, sphalwrite-marmatite, quartz and rhodochrosite

One unique specimen of galena, overgrowth by large bright chalcopyrite crystals with very aesthetic striation on the crystal faces and followed by quartz and black sphalerite – marmatite. In the end of the crystallization process crystalized several beautiful hallow rhodochrosite crystals, following the shape of dissolved calcite crystals.

Galena, sphalerite-marmatite, quartz, chalcopyrite and pyrite

One stunning large cabinet size specimen of black, lustrous sphalerite-marmatite large crystals developed on clear quartz, overgrowth by very well crystallized galena crystals – a combination of cub and octahedron, with mirror lustrous crystal faces. Galena is overgrowth by large chalcopyrite crystals, lately dissolved and replaced internally by small pyrite crystals.

Rhodochrosite, quartz, pyrite, galena, sphalerite and stilbite

An outstanding cabinet size specimen of pyrite, galena, and sphalerite overgrowth by small clear quartz crystals covered by rhodochrosite. At the end of the crystallization process, on top of all minerals were developed small double-terminated stilbite crystals.

Transparent green sphalerite- cleophane, galena quartz and pyrite

One amazing, large cabinet size specimen of cubic galena crystals, strongly dissolved and rounded, overgrowth, by small quartz clusters, pyrite and very aesthetic transparent isometric sphalerite – cleophane crystals with green color.
size 128 x 60 x 48 mm
Krushev dol mine, Madan, Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria.

Galena and sphalerite – marmatite

An exceptional cabinet size specimen presenting large galena crystals, the combination of a cub and octagon crystal faces, lately particularly dissolved, overgrowth by black sphalerite – marmatite crystals with very lustrous crystal faces.