Plate of cleaved transparent sphalerite -cleophane

An excellent small specimen of cleaved sphalerite cleophane. Plate is completely transparent and with zonal spreading of color in orange and green. The pate is very attractive as specimen, but also could be used for faceting. Picture is taken in common light- no back illumination.

Galena,chalcopyrite, sphalerite and quartz

One attractive specimen presenting almost full paragenesys set of deposit Madan. Very well shaped and shiny sphalerite crystals singenetically developed with lustrous galena crystals, showing „waves“ of dissolution, and corroding together with sphalerite, pyrite and quartz dissolved chalcopyrite.

Quartz „stars“ on galena and sphalerite

A large cabinet size specimen of very well space developed quartz crystals on the top of galena and sphalerite small crystals. Quartz is very well space developed, with white translucent crystals, starting their growth form one point in all directions, forming „stars“ of crystals.

Galena with mosaic development of the crystals

An excellent large cabinet size specimen with mosaic development of the crystals. This kind of aggregates are usually due to overgrought of large single crystal. One, some or all of the faces, start to grow with mosaic step mode and due ( most likely) to fast crystallization and unequal concentration of solutions, develop single crystal with individual temp of growing, but with joined direction of development and isolated crystals with inherited orientation.