Chalcopyrite, sphalerite-marmatite, quartz and calcite

A very nice specimen of very well shaped chalcopyrite crystals, with striated crystal faces and covered by lustrous black sphalerite with thetrahedron vicinality signs on the surface. In the end of the crystallization process were formed quartz and calcite crystals.

Chalcopyrite, pyrite, galena and quartz

A very nice and well arranged small specimen presenting skeletal developed galena crystals covered by quartz, and followed by two very well terminated chalcopyrite crystals, with very aesthetic and well arranged striation on the crystal faces, In the down part of the crystals there are pyrite, internally replacing chalcopyrite.

Cluster of transparent green sphalerite – cleophane crystals

An excellent , completely transparent specimen of green spahelrite – cleophane, well shaped isometric crystals. This specimen could be used also as material for cutting – faceting. Part of pictures are taken in transmitted (back) cold LED light.

Japanese law twin in quartz with sphalerite-marmatite, pyrite and galena

Absolutely gorgeous and very rare aesthetic specimen, presenting very lustrous galena crystals – strongly dissolved, to rounded shape, followed by black sphalerite – marmatite, with strong black lustrous crystal faces and pyrite. The unique rarest part of the specimen is small Japanese law twin in quartz, which is actually double twined – one and same quartz wind of the twin, has two different „winds“

Galena, chalcopyrite andsphalerite

A very nice, cabinet size specimen, of large cubic crystals, developed singenetically with black sphalerite- marmatite and overgrowth by chalcopyrite. Galena is slightly dissolved.