Curved rhodochrosite with quartz and pyrite

One of the last cabinet size specimens from our closed mine Eniovche, famous for its curved rhodochrosite crystals. Rhodochrosite forms well terminated curved crystals covered with small clear quartz-rock crystals and with some pyrite crystals

Sphalerite,galena rhodochrosite and prazem quartz

An aesthetic cabinet size specimen developed on a base of galena and black sphalerite-marmatite fallowed by rhodochrosite, which was secondary dissolved. At the end of the crystallization process were developed transparent quartz crystals and green quartz – prazem.

„Quartz flower“

A very aesthetic quartz – rock crystal developed on the top of rhodochrosite spherulite aggregates

Quartz flower

A beautiful small specimen of transparent quartz crystals overgrought rhodochrosite spherolites.


Small but very nice isometric specimen, showing very well terminated flat rhodochrosite crystals.

Rhodochrosite and stylbite

a 30 years old specimen of rhodochrosite with stilbite crystals, formed in the last stages of mineralization process

Mineral „flowers“ with galena

Aesthetic and rare specimen of pure quartz crystals growing radially on the top of rhodochrosite small crystals singeneticaly presented with well-terminated galena crystals