Rodochrosite „forest“

One exceptionaly rare  and very aesthetic, cabinet size specimen, of small rhodochrosite crystals completely covering plate with vertically developed quartz  crystals.

Rhodochrosite with quartz

One of the last specimens from closed before 23 years mine Eniovche. Rhodochrosite are developed singenetically with galena. Crystals have a typical for that deposit curved crystals, covered by small transparent quartz crystals.

Rhodochrosite, spherolites with quartz

A very rare large cabinet size specimen, presenting spherolites of small curved rhodochrosite crystals on the top of transparent quartz crystals. Due to different presence of manganese in that spherolites, their color vary from yellow to orange color.

Rhodochrosite on quartz

One extraordinary nice miniature specimen, presenting the best rhodochrosite spherolites covered with flat rhombohedrons, developed perpendicularly to the base, on the top of thin transparent quartz crystals.

Rhodochrosite with quartz,pyrite and sphalerite

A large cabinet size and very attractive rhodochrosite specimen with very intensive pink color. Rhodochrosite is presented in two generations – one forming typical spherolites hemispheres, which is followed by sphalerite and pyrite and second which is with smaller crystals with intensive color, covering bigger part of earlier minerals. In the end crystallized small transparent quartz crystals

Rhodochrosite feather crystals with quartz

An excellent thumbnail size, 30 years old specimen of pale rhodochrosite, presented by feather like curved crystals of very light colored pink rhodochrosite, overgrought by thin transparent quartz crystals. In mine of Eniovche wave shped crystals of curved rhodochrosite crystals were one of the main specifics of the deposit.