Amethyst, pyrite

One excellent cabinet size specimen of parallel developed dark amethyst crystals covered by well terminated lustrous pyrite crystals.

Rainbow pyrite with quartz

One very nice , cabinet size specimen of well terminated cubic pyrite crystals, covered by quartz strongly oxidated to bornite in some parts of the specimen.

Quartz coated by limonite

One exceptionally aesthetic,  large cabinet size specimen, of well developed quartz crystals secondary coated by limonite.

Amethyst with pyrite

An excellent and aesthetic cabinet size specimen build in light amethyst crystals covered by very lustrous pyrite

Chalcopyrite, sphalerite-marmatite, quartz and calcite

A very nice specimen of very well shaped chalcopyrite crystals, with striated crystal faces and covered by lustrous black sphalerite with thetrahedron vicinality signs on the surface. In the end of the crystallization process were formed quartz and calcite crystals.

Chalcopyrite, pyrite, galena and quartz

A very nice and well arranged small specimen presenting skeletal developed galena crystals covered by quartz, and followed by two very well terminated chalcopyrite crystals, with very aesthetic and well arranged striation on the crystal faces, In the down part of the crystals there are pyrite, internally replacing chalcopyrite.

Amethyst with pyrite

A beautiful and very aesthetic small specimen of dark amethyst crystals covered by very lustrous pyrite crystals

Galena and quartz cluster

One beautiful cabinet size specimen presenting a complicated formation of skeletal and mosaic developed galena crystals with lustrous crystal faces, covering long-axes, well developed quartz crystals