Barite, pyrite

One perfect cabinet size specimen of transparent to translucent barite crystals covered with small lustrous pyrite crystals

Quartz, sphalerite-marmatite, pyrite

One excellent miniature of space developed net of thin transparent and very lustrous quartz crystals, developed on the top of sphalerite – marmatite very lustrous crystals and pyrite.

Quartz – rock crystal, sphalerite, pyrite, galena

One outstanding, very aesthetic, large cabinet size specimen, presenting, skeletal galena crystals, singenetically developed with perfect black sphalerite – marmatite crystals with very lustrous crystal faces.  and shiny small pyrite crystals. All these crystals are overgrowth by long axes, thin transparent, quartz crystals forming a space net and in the empty spaces are developed small and very shiny pyrite crystals – all that reminds a very aesthetic Christmas tree.

Chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, pyrite

An amazing miniature specimen of lagre, chalcopyrite crystals, internaly corroded and replaced by galena, sphalerite and pyrite. Chakcpyrite is strongly oxidized and surface in some parts is coated by bornite.

Chalcopyrite, quartz, pyrite and sphalerite

A beautiful cabinet specimen of sphalerite and chalcopyrite followed by pyrite, which corroded chalcopyrite by internal replacement, in some places breaking from inside mother chalcopyrite crystals. #1373