Galena,chalcopyrite, sphalerite and quartz

One attractive specimen presenting almost full paragenesys set of deposit Madan. Very well shaped and shiny sphalerite crystals singenetically developed with lustrous galena crystals, showing „waves“ of dissolution, and corroding together with sphalerite, pyrite and quartz dissolved chalcopyrite.

Chalcopyrite with galena sphalerite-marmatite and pyrite

An excellent, large cabinet size specimen presenting almost full sulfide paragenesys of deposit Madan. Large crystals of chalcopyrite was dissolved and particularly replaced by pyrite, galena and black sphalerite- marmatite.

Galena large crystals with green quartz- prazem and pyrite #799

An large cabinet size classical galena specimen with large cubic galena crystals. Galena is with well developed crystal faces and with some skeletal development signs.In the end of the mineralization process there was strong dissolution, resulted as „fingerprint „signs on the crystal faces. The back side of the specimen is covered by green quartz – prazem overgrought by pyrite.

Pyrite after chalcopyrite pseudomorph with bornite and covelite

An extraordinary specimen showing typical for Madan secondary dissolvation and replacement of chalcopyrite by pyrite. The large chalcopyrite crystals are internaly dissolved and replaced by sphalerite and pyrite. In the end of mineralisation process, take part oxidation and coating of chalcopyrite by bornite and covelite

thin needle quartz with pyrite, galena and sphalerite

A beautiful and very aesthetic specimen in cabinet size presenting almost full paragenesis set of Madan. Specimen is build in sphalerite, galena and pyrite overgrought by very thin, long axes quartz needles forming space developed net with quartz stars. In the late stage of crystallization were formed small pyrite crystals, used as a seed for developing of transparent quartz crystals,after deposit on galena, pyrite and sphalerite crystals continue their development forming an excellent space net.

Needle quartz pyrite, sphalerite and galena

A very nice and aesthetic specimen of Longaxes needle quartz overgrought sphalerite, galena, and sphalerite. There are light oxidation signs on pyrite as result of coating by bornite.

Curved rhodochrosite with quartz and pyrite

One of the last cabinet size specimens from our closed mine Eniovche, famous for its curved rhodochrosite crystals. Rhodochrosite forms well terminated curved crystals covered with small clear quartz-rock crystals and with some pyrite crystals