Calcite after calcite pseudomorph coated by limonite on quartz

One very old cabinet size specimen of quartz, covered with steep scalenohedron calcite crystals, build in the alternation of several generations of calcite and quartz very thin ( less than a millimeter) layers. Later on, these scalenohedron crystals were coated by limonite. At the end of crystallization process appear white, flat rhombohedron calcite crystals.

Calcite ater calcite pseudomorph

A very attractive specimen of steep calcite scalenohedrons followed by thin quartz layers and covered with several portions of later generation of calcite. The crystals were broken by tectonic moves and later rehealed by transparent calcite.

Quartz pseudomorph after calcite

An excellent miniature specimen showing a „cast“ of quartz, covering steep scalenohedron crystals, secondary completely dissolved.

Quartz pseudomorph after calcite

A unique specimen showing alternation of developing of quartz after calcite pseudomorph. On the top of steep scalenohedron calcite crystals, were crystallized two thin layers of small quartz crystals. Due to pulsation character of the solutions, between two quartz layers were developed the second generation of calcite. On the top of the first quartz layer, start developing of thin quartz crystals lately cemented in a calcite aggregate. In the end, of the process, all calcite crystals were dissolved and stay just the cast of quartz

Galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and pyrite

An excellent specimen showing almost full paragenesis of Madan. On the top of small syngeneticalli developed sphalerite and galena, were developed chalcopyrite large crystals secondary overgrought by large cubic well-shaped galena of the second generation