Quartz pseudomorph after calcite

A unique specimen showing alternation of developing of quartz after calcite pseudomorph. On the top of steep scalenohedron calcite crystals, were crystallized two thin layers of small quartz crystals. Due to pulsation character of the solutions, between two quartz layers were developed the second generation of calcite. On the top of the first quartz layer, start developing of thin quartz crystals lately cemented in a calcite aggregate. In the end, of the process, all calcite crystals were dissolved and stay just the cast of quartz

Galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and pyrite

An excellent specimen showing almost full paragenesis of Madan. On the top of small syngeneticalli developed sphalerite and galena, were developed chalcopyrite large crystals secondary overgrought by large cubic well-shaped galena of the second generation

Chalcopyrite, galena, pyrite and sphalerite

An excellent specimen built large, very well terminated and shiny chalcopyrite crystals corroded by galena, pyrite and sphalerite. On some of the chalcopyrite crystals could be seen „elephant skin“ what is usually sign for internal dissolution and recrystallization – in that case, replaced by galena and pyrite.

Calcite, quartz and limonite-hematite

Short axes quartz crystals followed by well shaped steep scalenohedral calcite and quartz after calcite pseudomorph (alternation of calcite and quartz layers), coated by limonite-hematite.

„pagoda“Quartz after calcite psudomorph

Very nice and aesthetic small specimen showing scalenohedral calcite crystals developed on top of quartz and overgrought by second-generation rhombohedral calcite crystals, covered by white quartz.The second generation is orientated perpendicular to first generation calcite and along the edge of the crystals.

Quartz after calcite pseudomorph

small specimenshowing clear pseudomorph. On quartz crystals are developed well shaped double terminated scalenohedron calcite crystals, covered by quartz. As a result ot late dissolvation part of calcite is dissolved.

Chalcedony pseudomorph after calcirte

25 years old specimen presenting very detailed pseudomorph of chalcedony after well shaped calcite crystals. Clearly could be seen all details of calcite sharp scalenohedron crystals and small ball like dolomite crystals. All of the calcites were dissolved and now crystal shapes are hallow.