Quartz after calcite pseudomorph

An outstanding and very aesthetic cabinet size specimens presenting thin quartz „skin“ on the top of the steep calcite scalenohedron specimens. In the latest stages of crystallization, a bigger part of calcite crystals were dissolved and in some parts of the specimen could be seen the hallow cast forms creeping the calcite shape, but consisting only quartz.

Quartz pseudomorph after calcite

One exceptional, large cabinet size  specimen of quartz, covering small calcite aggregates and groups of well developed calcite scalenohedron crystals

Chalcedony pseudomorph after calcite – cast

An exceptional specimen of very thin „skin“ of chalcedony developed on large calcite scalenohedron crystals, lately dissolved. Chalcedony aggregates copy all small details of former calcite crystals, including crystal faces sculptures.

Quartz after stilbit pseudomorph

A very nice and aesthetic pseudomorph specimen of elongated crystals of stilbite and small spherolites of dolomite, covered and replaced by tiny quartz crystals.

Calcite after calcite pseudomorph coated by lemonite on quartz

An excellent cabinet size specimen of steep calcite scalenohedrons, developed on quartz. Calcite crystals are covered by several generation of calcite aggregates and secondary coated by lemonite. In the end of crystallization process on the top of scalenohedrons were developed clear rhombohedrons with flat habit.