Galena, pyrite, sphalerite and quartz

One beautiful cabinet size specimen of quartz on mother rock and prazem overgrowth by pyrite and black sphalerite- marmatite and well shaped cubic galena crystals


Prazem – green quartz,galena, chalcopyrite and pyrite

Just exceptional specimen of large cabinet size specimen of galena, covering chalcopyrite and followed by double terminated bright green quartz crystals and very well terminated pyrite. Chalcopyrite is internally dissolved and replaced by small pyrite crystals.

Rare green quartz – prazem, galena, pyrite, chalcopyrite and quartz

One beautiful and rare cabinet size specimen, presenting almost full paragenesis set of Madan deposit. Galena is with large cubic skeletal crystals and mosaic developed crystal faces, overgrowth by large green quartz crystals and chalcopyrite, which is secondary oxidated and replaced by pyrite well shaped shiny crystals.

Galena large crystals with green quartz- prazem and pyrite #799

An large cabinet size classical galena specimen with large cubic galena crystals. Galena is with well developed crystal faces and with some skeletal development signs.In the end of the mineralization process there was strong dissolution, resulted as „fingerprint „signs on the crystal faces. The back side of the specimen is covered by green quartz – prazem overgrought by pyrite.

Sphalerite,galena rhodochrosite and prazem quartz

An aesthetic cabinet size specimen developed on a base of galena and black sphalerite-marmatite fallowed by rhodochrosite, which was secondary dissolved. At the end of the crystallization process were developed transparent quartz crystals and green quartz – prazem.