Sphalerite, pyrite, galena and calcite

An aesthetic specimen presenting pyrite and galena developed on mother rock, followed by very well shaped sphalerite(marmatite0 shiny crystals, covered by rhombohedral crystals of calcite

„Architecture“ galena druzi with chalcopytite and sphalerite

Bad picture of an excellent specimen. – in the internal cavity of ore body are found very well terminated flat galena crystals with cubic faces. They are singeneticaly accompanied by lustrous sphalerite and chalcopyrite. Crystallization happened in the internal part of the cavity and crystals are strangely arranged as architecture ensemble showing center of empty spaces

Chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, pyrite and quartz

A very aesthetic and attractive specimen showing almost full paragenesis set – Chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, pyrite, and quartz. The specimen is strongly oxidated – galena crystals lose their luster and chalcopyrite is oxidated with different stage and coated in some places by bornite.

Quartz „flowers“ with sphalerite

A Very aesthetic specimen of transparent radially situated quartz and black sphalerite. Quartz crystals are developed on the top of rhodochrosite, what give to the aggregate slightly pink color in the center.

Galena and sphalerite.

A Nice specimen of 2 large well-terminated galena crystals with some traces of dissolution, developed on the top of quartz crystals. There are several very attractive skeletal sphalerite crystals forming a tetrahedron.

Quartz with sphalerite and galena

Single well shaped quartz crystal ovrgrought by small, shiny and very well terminated tetrahedrical sphalerite crystals and single galena crystal

Sphalerite (marmatite), chalcopyrite, quartz

Exceptional specimen presenting very well space developed large black sohalerite crystal, developed on long axes quartz crystals singeneticaly crystalising with very well terminated chalcopyrite tetrahedrical crystals.