Needles quatz-rock crystal, pyrite, galena and sphalerite

A very aesthetic cabinet size specimen of long-axes needle quartz crystals, with very lustrous crystal faces, overgrowing base of combined sphalerite and galena small crystals and a little bigger pyrite crystals, showing in some places traces of oxidation and coating by bornite.

Chalcopyrite, quartz, pyrite and sphalerite

Beautiful „spacy“ specimen build in the net of quartz crystals with the small chalcopyrite crystals in the early stage of oxidation to bornite. On the opposite side of the specimen, there is one single chalcopyrite crystal encrusted with black sphalerite crystal and some pyrite crystals

„Melted“ galena with spinel law twins

Excellent and aesthetic small galena crystals on quartz base and with singenetically developed black sphalerite-marmatite crystals. Galena is presented by well developed shiny galena crystals, some of them with pseudohexagonal symmetry, typical for galena crystals, twined in spinel law twin. Galena is with rounded edges most likely result of dissolvation.

Galena, sphalerite and quartz

An interesting specimen presenting very well shaped cubic galena crystals singenetically developed with black sphalerite on quartz. The surface of galena, shows specifical step growing patern.

Galena , cahlcopyrite, sphalerite and pyrite

A very interesting specimen build of quartz, followed by galena particularly corrupted and exchanged by chalcopyrite, which also is dissolved in some parts by recrystallizing pyrite

Small beauty – sphalerite (marmatite)

A beautiful small specimen showing a very shiny and well-terminated sphalerite(marmatite) crystal. It combines developing of several crystals on the surface of one tetrahedral sphalerite crystals – forming „sphalerite star“.Marmatite is fallowing quartz long axes quartz crystals