Pink Mangano calcite

A beautiful specimen of Mangano calcite

Size: 83 x 75 x 38 mm
Weight: 212 grams

A specimen that you receive may look slightly different in color from the one on the photographs. Because of the lights used to make the photos.

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Manganocaslcite, galena, quartz and pyrite

One beautiful thumbnail of cubic galena crystals, strongly dissolved and rounded, developed after transparent quartz crystal and pyrite, and followed by 2 larger and steep, scalenohedral pinkish manganocalcite crystals, lately overgrowth by small rhombohedral crystals, also with light pink color.

Epidote and manganocalcite

An amazing specimen of transparent quartz-rock crystal followed by manganocalcite and overgrowth by needle-shaped thin epidote green crystals.