Manganocalcite with chalcopyrite

A very nice and aesthetic specimen of well terminated, light pink color manganocalcite crystals with rhombohedron after scalenohedron crystals, covered by small and very shiny pyrite crystals.

Manganocalcite , quartz and pyrite

Exceptional and very aesthetic specimen presenting flat manganocalcite crystals developed on thin transparent quartz crystals, followed by shiny well shaped cubic pyrite crystals. Some of the pyrites have rainbow effect, due to a thin coating of bornite-covellite as result of the oxidation process.

Cluster of splited calcite crystal

A very rare specimen, showing the full process of forming of this cluster. In the down part of the specimen, could be sen down half of scalenohedron calcite crystal, which in the process of developing split many times building this bouquet of calcite crystals