Galena, manganocalcite and quartz

One very aesthetic and and rare specimen of small quartz crystals overgrowth by cubic galena crystals, lately strongly dissolved and followed by single, very well shaped steep scalenohedral crystal of manganocalcite

Manganocalcite, quartz, dolomite

A very aesthetic large  cabinet size specimen of transparent quartz-rock crystal on the top of galena and sphalerite, followed by well shaped manganocalcite crystals, twined in several places and covered in the end by white ball crystals of dolomite

Calcite and manganocalcite

One very rare specimen, combination of two steep scalenohedron manganocalcite, overgrowth by transparent calcite – forming phantom inside transparent calcite

Epidote with manganocalcite

One unususal and rarest mineral combination in deposit Laki. Small, green, spherolite orientated needles of epidote in combination with large pink manganocalcite crystals

Epidote with quartz and manganocalcite

A very showing cabinet size specimen of thin epidote crystals developed on quartz. In the late stage of crystallization process, where developed several pink managnocalcite crystals with a nice morphology and lustrous faces.

Pink calcite (manganocalcite) on quartz

A nice small specimen of rhombohedral crystals of manganocalcite, forming „rose“ like aggregates of pink to orange crystals, developed on thin quartz crystals.

Manganocalcite with chalcopyrite

A very nice and aesthetic specimen of well terminated, light pink color manganocalcite crystals with rhombohedron after scalenohedron crystals, covered by small and very shiny pyrite crystals.