Limonite quartz, galena

A very aesthetic, cabinet size specimen of well-shaped quartz crystals with yellow to brownish color, due to coating by limonite, developed on the top of galena crystals.

Limonite quartz with galena

One beautiful and very aesthetic, large cabinet size specimen of galena, singenetically developed with long-axes quartz crystals coated by limonite.

Limonite quartz

A very aesthetic cabinet size  specimen of well developed quartz crystals coated by limonite.

Limonite quartz and dolomite

One very aesthetic cabinet size specimen, presenting transparent long axes quartz, coated by limonite, and followed by small white dolomite round crystals

Calcite after calcite pseudomorph coated by lemonite on quartz

An excellent cabinet size specimen of steep calcite scalenohedrons, developed on quartz. Calcite crystals are covered by several generation of calcite aggregates and secondary coated by lemonite. In the end of crystallization process on the top of scalenohedrons were developed clear rhombohedrons with flat habit.