Sphalerite, galena, quartz

One amazing very aesthetic cabinet size specimen of galena and sphalerite, overgrowth by thin, clear quartz crystals with extremely lustrous crystal faces, building a very well space developed net.

Galena, quartz, limonite and unidentified mineral

One excellent and very interesting cabinet size specimen of galena on mother rock, overgrown by clear quartz crystals, and later covered by limonite. Later, on galena and limonite crystalize unidentified secondary copper mineral  (probably result of weathering of chalcopyrite) with beautiful turquoise color. The specimen was found in the fault zone in the abandoned mine in conditions of intensive weathering with water, in the last 30 years.

Quartz, limonite, galena

One very rare and very aesthetic specimen of quartz crystals, developed on galena and coated by limonite.  Galena crystals are overgouth by small sperolites with turqoise color (mineral is not indenfied  but most likely is seconadry coper mineral)

Sphalerite variety marmatite, galena

One excellent cabinet size specimen of slightly dissolved galena overgrowth by cluster to black sphlaerite- marmatite crystals penetrating each other and forming  „sphalerite star“. Crystal faces of sphalerite are very lustrous, and the whole specimen has very aesthetic outskirts

Quartz, galena, dolomite, chrysocola

One beautiful, cabinet size specimen of galena with quartz, dolomite, and some very aesthetic secondary copper minerals ( most likely chrysocolla).

Galena, calcite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, bornite, covelite

A very interesting specimen, of black sphalerite – marmatite and chalcopyrite, overgrowth by large galena cubic crystals, followed by flat rhombohedral calcite crystals. In the late stage of crystallization, galena was strongly dissolved and some of the crystals are particularly destroyed. Could be seen typical „fingerprint“ dissolution, but the surfaces stay mirror lustrous. Probably the same process was the reason for appearance of „rainbow chalcopyrite surfaces“ – the result of the coating by bornite and covellite.
size 110 x 65 x 50 mm – weight 311,7 grams

Galena, quartz, epidote

A very aesthetic specimen presenting transparent quartz crystals developed on the top of mosaic galena and secondary galena nad quartz are overgrowth by small and intensively colored epidote crystals.

Quartz, galena, chalcopyrite

One very aesthetic specimen of 3 large quartz crystals on the top of galena and chalcopyrite crystals, overgrowth by the second generation small quartz crystals