Rare green quartz – prazem, galena, pyrite, chalcopyrite and quartz

One beautiful and rare cabinet size specimen, presenting almost full paragenesis set of Madan deposit. Galena is with large cubic skeletal crystals and mosaic developed crystal faces, overgrowth by large green quartz crystals and chalcopyrite, which is secondary oxidated and replaced by pyrite well shaped shiny crystals.

Chalcopyrite, pyrite and galena

One very interesting specimen of chalcopyrite and pyrite on mother rock, followed by galena. Chalcopyrite is internally corroded and replaced by small pyrite crystals. Galena crystals are particularly corroded and coated by bornite.

Mirror shiny galena

One cabinet size extraordinary cluster of galena crystals with perfect crystal faces, which could be used as a mirror. The crystals have particularly skeletal development.