Quartz-rock crystal

One excellent cabinet size specimen of long-axes transparent quartz crystals with very lustrous crystals faces, with small epidote crystals in developed in the base of quartz crystals

Galena, quartz, epidote

A very aesthetic specimen presenting transparent quartz crystals developed on the top of mosaic galena and secondary galena nad quartz are overgrowth by small and intensively colored epidote crystals.

Quartz, epidote

One beautiful cabinet size specimen of very well developed quartz crystals followed by needle epidote, forming a chaotic and very aesthetic space construction.

Epidote with manganocalcite

One unususal and rarest mineral combination in deposit Laki. Small, green, spherolite orientated needles of epidote in combination with large pink manganocalcite crystals

Epidote with quartz and manganocalcite

A very showing cabinet size specimen of thin epidote crystals developed on quartz. In the late stage of crystallization process, where developed several pink managnocalcite crystals with a nice morphology and lustrous faces.

Quartz,epidot and sphalerite

A nice specimen of double terminated quartz transparent crystals with small thin needles of epidote and black sphalerite