Manganocalcite, quartz, dolomite

A very aesthetic large  cabinet size specimen of transparent quartz-rock crystal on the top of galena and sphalerite, followed by well shaped manganocalcite crystals, twined in several places and covered in the end by white ball crystals of dolomite

Quartz after stilbit pseudomorph

A very nice and aesthetic pseudomorph specimen of elongated crystals of stilbite and small spherolites of dolomite, covered and replaced by tiny quartz crystals.

Calcite after calcite and dolomite pseudomorph

An excellent cabinet size specimen of calcite crystals, covered by dolomite. After dissolution, start new crystallization of calcite aggregate, followed by rhombohedral calcite crystals.

Calcite after dolomite after calcite pseudomorph

An old, but very aesthetic specimen presenting upper part of steep scalenohedral calcite crystal, covered by dolomite crystals with ball habit, lately cover by calcite. At the end of crystallization process, were developed large flat rhombohedral calcite white translucent crystals.

Quartz rock crystal and dolomite

Excellent thumbnail of long-axes transparent and well-shaped quartz crystals followed by round „cabbage“ dolomite crystals

Quartz, pyrite and calcite

Very funny specimen with nickname „nuns“ presenting quartz crystals on the matrix with large, shiny pyrite. Quartz is overgrought in the upper part of the crystals by very well terminated rhombohedral calcite crystals and small white dolomite round crystals