Quartz – rock crystal, dolomite

A perfect cabinet size, and   a very aesthetic cluster of long axes very clear quartz – rock crystals, overgrowth on one side by round white and yellowish small dolomite crystals

Quartz, galena, dolomite, chrysocola

One beautiful, cabinet size specimen of galena with quartz, dolomite, and some very aesthetic secondary copper minerals ( most likely chrysocolla).

Limonite quartz and dolomite

One very aesthetic cabinet size specimen, presenting transparent long axes quartz, coated by limonite, and followed by small white dolomite round crystals

Sphalerite – marmatite, galena, dolomite, calcite

The snow is here! One very aesthetic cabinet size specimen of galena, covered by lustrous sphalerite-marmatite crystals, followed by dolomite covered by calcite, coming from one direction covering just one size of the sphalerite – looking like white snow

Quartz, pyrite and calcite

Very funny specimen with nickname „nuns“ presenting quartz crystals on the matrix with large, shiny pyrite. Quartz is overgrought in the upper part of the crystals by very well terminated rhombohedral calcite crystals and small white dolomite round crystals