Pyrite after chalcopyrite pseudomorph with bornite and covelite

An extraordinary specimen showing typical for Madan secondary dissolvation and replacement of chalcopyrite by pyrite. The large chalcopyrite crystals are internaly dissolved and replaced by sphalerite and pyrite. In the end of mineralisation process, take part oxidation and coating of chalcopyrite by bornite and covelite

Halcopyrite and quartz

An aesthetical specimen of large quartz crystals with also large chalcopyrite crystals, which secondary become subject to strong oxidation, what change the surface of the chalcopyrite and color it in red and on places blue color by forming coating of bornite and covelite

Quartz and chalcopyrite

Well shaped chalcopyrite crystals fallowed by white quartz crystals. Chalcopyrite is particlularly oxidated and coated by bornite and covelite. On some of the crystals some parts are coated by bonite and other by covelite, what most likely is due to dirrection of solutions flowing