Rainbow pyrite

An exceptional, aesthetic, cabinet size specimen of pyrite coated by bornite and covellite and showing incredible color play.

Chalcopyrite, Galena, sphalwrite-marmatite, quartz and rhodochrosite

One unique specimen of galena, overgrowth by large bright chalcopyrite crystals with very aesthetic striation on the crystal faces and followed by quartz and black sphalerite – marmatite. In the end of the crystallization process crystalized several beautiful hallow rhodochrosite crystals, following the shape of dissolved calcite crystals.

Chalcopyrite, pyrite, bornite, covelite

An outstanding and extremely rare specimen of pseudomorph of pyrite after sphalerite and chalcopyrite, on quartz.. Giudurska mine, Erma reka, Zlatograd area, Bulgaria

Galena chalcopyrite, bornite, covellite, pyrite

One very aesthetic – autumn style specimen of chalcopyrite, developed on the base of quartz crystals. Chalcopyrite is secondarily corroded (dissolved and replaced)  by pyrite, and the internal pressure of crystalizing crystals crack the mother crystals and cemented these cracks. Chalcopyrite is coated by bornite and covellite during the oxidizing of their surface.

Quartz and chalcopyrite

Well shaped chalcopyrite crystals fallowed by white quartz crystals. Chalcopyrite is particlularly oxidated and coated by bornite and covelite. On some of the crystals some parts are coated by bonite and other by covelite, what most likely is due to dirrection of solutions flowing