Galena with chalcopyrite

Very aesthetic specimen presenting well-terminated cubic galena crystals singenetically developed with chalcopyrite.

Chalcopyrite, pyrite,galena and quartz

A specimen showing pseudomorph of pyrite after chalcopyrite. On the basement of galena was developed chalcopyrite crystal, lately dissolved and replaced by pyrite. On the other side of the specimen is developed spiral step mark of growing of galena crystal.

Chalcopyrite, quartz, pyrite and sphalerite

Beautiful „spacy“ specimen build in the net of quartz crystals with the small chalcopyrite crystals in the early stage of oxidation to bornite. On the opposite side of the specimen, there is one single chalcopyrite crystal encrusted with black sphalerite crystal and some pyrite crystals

Galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and pyrite

An excellent specimen showing almost full paragenesis of Madan. On the top of small syngeneticalli developed sphalerite and galena, were developed chalcopyrite large crystals secondary overgrought by large cubic well-shaped galena of the second generation