Halcopyrite and quartz

An aesthetical specimen of large quartz crystals with also large chalcopyrite crystals, which secondary become subject to strong oxidation, what change the surface of the chalcopyrite and color it in red and on places blue color by forming coating of bornite and covelite

Galena sphalerite coated by covelite

An interesting specimen showing one well-developed galena crystals on quartz, followed by small chalcopyrite crystals. In the end of mineralization process, galena and chalcopyrite were subject to strong oxidation and as result, chalcopyrite was coated by blue covelite.

Galena , cahlcopyrite, sphalerite and pyrite

A very interesting specimen build of quartz, followed by galena particularly corrupted and exchanged by chalcopyrite, which also is dissolved in some parts by recrystallizing pyrite

„Architektured“ skelatal galena, on quartz ,sphalerite, chalcopyrite and quartz

A large and very aesthetic specimen presenting large shiny galena crystals on sphalerite and quartz, followed by small chalcopyrite crystals. Galena crystals are developed with spiral growth and in some parts, it is not finished. In the end of the crystallization process, there was the dissolution of galena what cause rounding of the crystal edges.

Quartz with izolated galena crystals

A well-shaped galena crystals on transparent quartz crystals. on some faces could be observed spiral-growth of galena. There are several chalcopyrite crystals on galena.

Quartz and chalcopyrite

Very nice specimen of chalcopyrite developed on small transparent to translucent quartz crystals and followed by the second generation of transparent quartz crystals

Sceletal galena,chalcopyrite and sphalerite (cleophane)

Incredible specimen showing skeletal developed galena crystals „stuffed“ by tiny quartz crystals and chalcopyrite. On the opposite of galena crystals side of the specimen, there is an excellent transparent green sphalerite (cleophane) crystal.