Galena with chalcopyrite and pyrite

A very nice cabinet size specimen of galena, particularly covered by chalcopyrite. Galena is presented by cubic crystals with rounded edges, due to dissolution, and lately oxidated and coated in some parts by covelite. Chalcopyrite also shows change of color, to darker color, because of oxidation. Chalcopyrite is internally dissolved and replaced in some parts by shiny small pyrite crystals.

Galena with chalcopyrite

A nice specimen of very well terminated and lustrous cubic galena crystals in some places covered by small chalcopyrite crystals. The crystals are rounded by secondary dissolution.

„The number 3“ Galena with chalcopyrite

One just unique, cabinet size specimen of well shaped cascade galena crystals, slightly dissolved, with small chalcopyrite crystals. One of the galena crystals, clearly show number 3.

Galena,chalcopyrite, sphalerite and quartz

One attractive specimen presenting almost full paragenesys set of deposit Madan. Very well shaped and shiny sphalerite crystals singenetically developed with lustrous galena crystals, showing „waves“ of dissolution, and corroding together with sphalerite, pyrite and quartz dissolved chalcopyrite.

Chalcopyrite with galena sphalerite-marmatite and pyrite

An excellent, large cabinet size specimen presenting almost full sulfide paragenesys of deposit Madan. Large crystals of chalcopyrite was dissolved and particularly replaced by pyrite, galena and black sphalerite- marmatite.