Quartz, sphalerite – marmatite, chalcopyrite, pyrite and chlorite

One fantastic, large cabinet size specimen, with double faces, presenting pyrite, overgrowth by quartz-rock crystal with very high brilliancy, and followed by very lustrous sphalerite – marmatite, chlorite, and chalcopyrite. Marmatite and chalcopyrite have tetrahedral habits. Borieva mine, Madan, Bulgaria
size 120 x 80 x 57 mm – weight 390 grams.

Galena, chalcopyrite and pyrite

One amazing cabinet size floater of cascade developed cubic galena crystals followed by small chalcopyrite crystals corroded by small pyrite crystals.

Sphalerite-cleophane, chalcopyrite, quartz

A very rare, cabinet size specimen, presenting the combination of well-developed sphalerite crystals with several clear twins. The cleophane is translucent to transparent and with oil green color, covered in several places by „skin“ of small chalcopyrite crystals, lately slightly oxidized.