Calcite, quartz, limonite

One very nice miniature specimen of steep scalenohedral calcite crystal, developed on quartz and coated by limonite.

Calcite, quartz

A beautiful specimen of Calcite, quartz

Size: 65 x40 x 38mm
Weight: 109 grams

A specimen that you receive may look slightly different in color from the one on the photographs. Because of the lights used to make the photos.

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Calcite , quartz

One excellent specimen of thin quartz crystals covered by calcite. In the latest stages of crystalization, a large rhombohedron calcite crystal crystalize on top of quartz

Pseudomorph of quartz after calcite

One perfect cabinet size specimen, illustrating pseudomorph of quartz after calcite developed on quartz crystals. Pulsation of the mineralization process was fixed by developing several stages of mineralization of quartz on the top of steep calcite scalenohedron crystals.

Calcite, quartz-rock crystal, green quartz, pyrite and galena

A rare and very beautiful specimen of galena and pyrite followed by clear long quartz crystals, covered by green quartz colored by chlorite and overgrowth by thin grain calcite. On the top of the specimen is developed large translucent calcite crystal with clearly  twined down part of the crystal

Chrysocolla, galena, calcite

One excellent small specimen of oxidized galena, covered by calcite followed by chrysocolla and other secondary copper minerals.

Quartz after calcite pseudomorph

An outstanding and very aesthetic cabinet size specimens presenting thin quartz „skin“ on the top of the steep calcite scalenohedron specimens. In the latest stages of crystallization, a bigger part of calcite crystals were dissolved and in some parts of the specimen could be seen the hallow cast forms creeping the calcite shape, but consisting only quartz.

Chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, calcite, quartz

One very rare cabinet size specimen, presenting chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, quartz, and calcite. The chalcopyrite crystals are very unusually elongated in the direction of „C“ ax, instead of the usual tetrahedral crystals.