Manganocalcite with pyrite

A very nice and aesthetic specimen of well terminated, light pink color manganocalcite crystals with rhombohedron after scalenohedron crystals, covered by small and very shiny pyrite crystals.

Sphalerite, pyrite, galena and calcite

An aesthetic specimen presenting pyrite and galena developed on mother rock, followed by very well shaped sphalerite(marmatite0 shiny crystals, covered by rhombohedral crystals of calcite

Calcite after calcite pseudomorph

An attractive specimen of scalenohedral calcite crystal covered by several layers of yellow calcite aggregate and in the end overwrought by white calcite rhombohedral crystals. Spreading of rhombohedron s on the faces of scalenohedron, show clearly the direction of flowing of crystal-bearing solutions.

Calcite, quartz and limonite-hematite

Short axes quartz crystals followed by well shaped steep scalenohedral calcite and quartz after calcite pseudomorph (alternation of calcite and quartz layers), coated by limonite-hematite.

Increadible pseudomorph quartz after calcite

This incredible specimen presents a thin and long axes quartz crystals „crowned“ by isometric calcite rhombohedral crystal. Lately, the second generation of small isometric quartz crystals covers all of the existing minerals. In the end of crystallization process yellow calcite finish that complicated process. Nature is a big magician!

Quartz with „krown“ of calcite

Nice specimen of thin calcite rhombohedral crystals, developed on the top of quartz crystals on the base of the galena and sphalerite

Cluster of splited calcite crystal

A very rare specimen, showing the full process of forming of this cluster. In the down part of the specimen, could be sen down half of scalenohedron calcite crystal, which in the process of developing split many times building this bouquet of calcite crystals

„pagoda“Quartz after calcite psudomorph

Very nice and aesthetic small specimen showing scalenohedral calcite crystals developed on top of quartz and overgrought by second-generation rhombohedral calcite crystals, covered by white quartz.The second generation is orientated perpendicular to first generation calcite and along the edge of the crystals.

Quartz, pyrite and calcite

Very funny specimen with nickname „nuns“ presenting quartz crystals on the matrix with large, shiny pyrite. Quartz is overgrought in the upper part of the crystals by very well terminated rhombohedral calcite crystals and small white dolomite round crystals