Quartz with calcite „hat“

An excellent thumbnail of transparent clear quartz covered by calcite aggregate of small calcite crystals and in the end of crystallization process with one rhombohedron crystal developed on pyramidal face of the larger quartz crystal.

Golden calcite with galena, pyrite and sphalerite

An excellent cabinet size specimen of well shaped small crystals of galena, sphalerite and pyrite overgrowth by very lustrous rhombohedrons of golden color calcite with mosaic surface.
size 84 x 40 x 45 mm

calcite after calcite pseudomorph

A beautiful tumbnail specimen of steep scalenohedrons calcite crystals, covered by several generations of calcite aggregates. In the last stage of crystallization process on the top were developed excellent terminated flat calcite rhombohedron transparent to translucent crystals with yellowish color.

Calcite after calcite pseudomorph coated by lemonite on quartz

An excellent cabinet size specimen of steep calcite scalenohedrons, developed on quartz. Calcite crystals are covered by several generation of calcite aggregates and secondary coated by lemonite. In the end of crystallization process on the top of scalenohedrons were developed clear rhombohedrons with flat habit.

Quartz with hematite and calcite

An aesthetic specimen of long-axes quartz crystals covered by hematite orange brown aggregates. From on side specimen is covered by small isometric calcite crystals.

Calcite on quartz

A nice specimen of steep calcite scalenohedrons developed on the top of quartz base.