Quartz-rock crystal, calcite

A beautiful very aesthetic cabinet size specimen of transparent quartz – rock crystal covered by golden color calcite rhombohedral crystals

Cluster of calcite crystals

One small specimen of very well developed scalenohedral calcite crystals, covered by second generation rombohedral calcite crystals, on the base of galena, sphalerite and pyrite.

Rhodochrosite, calcite,sphalerite,galena, quartz

The small beauty. One very aesthetic thumbnail specimen of flat calcite „paper spat“ crystals developed on the top of galena , sphalerite and quartz. In the end very nice ball like, rounded with  pale pink color rhodochrosite  crystals were developed.

Galena,quartz, calcite

An very nice tumbnail cluster of cubic galena crystal with skeletal outskirt in some places on the top of light green quartz with calcite


An extraordinary cabinet size specimen with very aesthetic outscirt specimen of rhodchrosite, presented with curved crystals and  covered by calcite rhombohedrons.

Calcite, chalcopyrite, pyrite

Very nice cabinet size and rare specimen of white to slightly pink calcite, with rhombohedron crystals. On the edges of calcite are encrusted very shiny small chalcopyrite and pyrite crystals

Feather like calcite crystals

An unique specimen of very aesthetic splited up calcite crystals forming feather like delicate crystals developed on the base of galena and pyrite, covered by skalenohedron calcite crystals

Chalcopyrite, sphalerite-marmatite, quartz and calcite

A very nice specimen of very well shaped chalcopyrite crystals, with striated crystal faces and covered by lustrous black sphalerite with thetrahedron vicinality signs on the surface. In the end of the crystallization process were formed quartz and calcite crystals.