Calcite after calcite pseudomorph coated by limonite on quartz

One very old cabinet size specimen of quartz, covered with steep scalenohedron calcite crystals, build in the alternation of several generations of calcite and quartz very thin ( less than a millimeter) layers. Later on, these scalenohedron crystals were coated by limonite. At the end of crystallization process appear white, flat rhombohedron calcite crystals.

Calcite ater calcite pseudomorph

A very attractive specimen of steep calcite scalenohedrons followed by thin quartz layers and covered with several portions of later generation of calcite. The crystals were broken by tectonic moves and later rehealed by transparent calcite.

Epidote with quartz and manganocalcite

A very showing cabinet size specimen of thin epidote crystals developed on quartz. In the late stage of crystallization process, where developed several pink managnocalcite crystals with a nice morphology and lustrous faces.

Melted galena with calcite

A very nice thumbnail of galena crystal particularly dissolved, showing „waves“ of dissolution and clear wholes of destroyed two-phase inclusions.

„Golden dust“ quartz – quartz with siderite

An excellent and very aesthetic specimen of large quartz crystal overgrowth by steep calcite scalenohedron, followed by the second generation of small and very shiny quartz crystals with presented just pyramidal faces. At the end of mineralization process were developed just on one side of the specimen small siderite crystals.