Feather like calcite crystals

An unique specimen of very aesthetic splited up calcite crystals forming feather like delicate crystals developed on the base of galena and pyrite, covered by skalenohedron calcite crystals

Chalcopyrite, sphalerite-marmatite, quartz and calcite

A very nice specimen of very well shaped chalcopyrite crystals, with striated crystal faces and covered by lustrous black sphalerite with thetrahedron vicinality signs on the surface. In the end of the crystallization process were formed quartz and calcite crystals.

Galena, sphalerite,quartz and calcite

An excellent cabinet size specimen of transparent quartz  crystals, followed by calcite, sphalerite and galena. Galena crystals have a traces of skeletal development and are dissolved forming so we call „melting“ effect

Plate galena with calcite

One extraordinary and very rare specimen of flat galena crystal on the base of calcite with signs of dissolution.

Chalcedony pseudomorph after calcite – cast

An exceptional specimen of very thin „skin“ of chalcedony developed on large calcite scalenohedron crystals, lately dissolved. Chalcedony aggregates copy all small details of former calcite crystals, including crystal faces sculptures.

Calcite and manganocalcite

One very rare specimen, combination of two steep scalenohedron manganocalcite, overgrowth by transparent calcite – forming phantom inside transparent calcite