Beutiful large galena crystals with calcite

Very aesthetic specimen build in large and very well terminated galena crystals. Crystal faces are with equal developed octahedron and cubic crystal form, on the base there are small calcite crystals covering galena. Galena is very shiny and on some faces, there are traces of beginning of desolvation process.

Quartz pseudomorph after calcite

A unique specimen showing alternation of developing of quartz after calcite pseudomorph. On the top of steep scalenohedron calcite crystals, were crystallized two thin layers of small quartz crystals. Due to pulsation character of the solutions, between two quartz layers were developed the second generation of calcite. On the top of the first quartz layer, start developing of thin quartz crystals lately cemented in a calcite aggregate. In the end, of the process, all calcite crystals were dissolved and stay just the cast of quartz

Calcite after dolomite after calcite pseudomorph

An old, but very aesthetic specimen presenting upper part of steep scalenohedral calcite crystal, covered by dolomite crystals with ball habit, lately cover by calcite. At the end of crystallization process, were developed large flat rhombohedral calcite white translucent crystals.

Calcite after quartz pseudomorph

A nice specimen of steep scalenohedron calcite crystal developed on quartz and covered by several layers of alternating quartz and calcite aggregates. In the end, the whole specimen was covered by limonite

Yellow calcite with quartz

„The small beauty“ – This specimen shows a well-developed calcite scalenohedron crystal on quartz, skeletally overgrowth by the second generation rhombohedral small calcite crystals