Rainbow pyrite with quartz

One very nice , cabinet size specimen of well terminated cubic pyrite crystals, covered by quartz strongly oxidated to bornite in some parts of the specimen.

Pyrite after chalcopyrite pseudomorph with bornite and covelite

An extraordinary specimen showing typical for Madan secondary dissolvation and replacement of chalcopyrite by pyrite. The large chalcopyrite crystals are internaly dissolved and replaced by sphalerite and pyrite. In the end of mineralisation process, take part oxidation and coating of chalcopyrite by bornite and covelite

Needle quartz pyrite, sphalerite and galena

A very nice and aesthetic specimen of Longaxes needle quartz overgrought sphalerite, galena, and sphalerite. There are light oxidation signs on pyrite as result of coating by bornite.

Quartz with rainbow pyrite

A unique for Bulgaria specimen presenting space developed transparent quartz – rock crystal with very well terminated shiny pyrite crystals coated by iridiscenting bornite and covellite as result of oxidation of , most likely coating of chalcopyrite

Needles quatz-rock crystal, pyrite, galena and sphalerite

A very aesthetic cabinet size specimen of long-axes needle quartz crystals, with very lustrous crystal faces, overgrowing base of combined sphalerite and galena small crystals and a little bigger pyrite crystals, showing in some places traces of oxidation and coating by bornite.