Quartz with rainbow pyrite

A unique for Bulgaria specimen presenting space developed transparent quartz – rock crystal with very well terminated shiny pyrite crystals coated by iridiscenting bornite and covellite as result of oxidation of , most likely coating of chalcopyrite

Needles quatz-rock crystal, pyrite, galena and sphalerite

A very aesthetic cabinet size specimen of long-axes needle quartz crystals, with very lustrous crystal faces, overgrowing base of combined sphalerite and galena small crystals and a little bigger pyrite crystals, showing in some places traces of oxidation and coating by bornite.

Halcopyrite and quartz

An aesthetical specimen of large quartz crystals with also large chalcopyrite crystals, which secondary become subject to strong oxidation, what change the surface of the chalcopyrite and color it in red and on places blue color by forming coating of bornite and covelite

Chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, pyrite and quartz

A very aesthetic and attractive specimen showing almost full paragenesis set – Chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, pyrite, and quartz. The specimen is strongly oxidated – galena crystals lose their luster and chalcopyrite is oxidated with different stage and coated in some places by bornite.

Manganocalcite , quartz and pyrite

Exceptional and very aesthetic specimen presenting flat manganocalcite crystals developed on thin transparent quartz crystals, followed by shiny well shaped cubic pyrite crystals. Some of the pyrites have rainbow effect, due to a thin coating of bornite-covellite as result of the oxidation process.

Azurite, malachite, linarite

Azurite, malachite, linarite, bornite, cuprite and other secondary copper minerals developed in cracks of limestones.

„Automn“ Chalcopyrite , galena and quartz

Very attractive specimens presenting quartz and galena crystals on mother rock covered by chalcopyrite crystals. Due to oxidation chalcopyrite is coaterd by bornite, Interesting is that oxidation touch every crystal with different intensity, what most likely is due to crystal structur and surface deffects.

Quartz and chalcopyrite

Well shaped chalcopyrite crystals fallowed by white quartz crystals. Chalcopyrite is particlularly oxidated and coated by bornite and covelite. On some of the crystals some parts are coated by bonite and other by covelite, what most likely is due to dirrection of solutions flowing