Amethyst, pyrite

One excellent cabinet size specimen of parallel developed dark amethyst crystals covered by well terminated lustrous pyrite crystals.

Amethyst with pyrite

An excellent and aesthetic cabinet size specimen build in light amethyst crystals covered by very lustrous pyrite

Amethyst with pyrite

A beautiful and very aesthetic small specimen of dark amethyst crystals covered by very lustrous pyrite crystals

Amethyst cluster

One excellent tumbnail amethyst cluster, built in parallel developed crystals

Scepter amethyst on smokey quartz

One exceptional and very aesthetic cabinet size specimen of smokey quartz  crystal overgrowth by light amethyst with scepter developed crystal faces

Amethyst cluster

An excellent cluster of light colored amethyst crystals. In some of them there are easy visible two faze inclusion.

Double terminated amethyst

A gorgeous small specimen of double terminated amethyst with Phantom spreading of color, on mother rock

Amethyst crystal

One perfect miniature specimen of very well double terminated amethyst crystal with phantom spreading of color, on the base of quartz