Cluster of amethyst crystals

An excellent miniatureof group of amethyst crystals with color spreading. presented by stronger color in upper part of the crystals

Amethyst crystals cluster

An aesthetic specimen of small, but very well crystalized amethyst crystals with amethyst phantoms.

Amethhyst cluster

A very interesting cluster of large and well terminated long axes amethyst crystals. Bases of the crystals are translucent with stronger color and up along of „C“ axis crystals become transparent with a lighter color. In the upper part of the crystals, there are several very attractive relicts from the hydrothermal solution – one and two phase inclusions.

Amethyst cluster

A group of long axes hydrothermal amethyst crystals, with well developed and shiny crystal faces. Color is stronger at the base of the crystals. The upper part of the amethyst is transparent and with a lighter color.

Amethyst crystal on the rock (tumbnail)

Small but beautiful, perfectly terminated amethyst crystal on the mother rock. The crystal is double terminated with shiny faces and phantom spreading of color.