Garnet almandine

A beautiful specimen of Garnet almandine

Size:96 x 46 x 26 mm
Weight: 107 grams

A specimen that you receive may look slightly different in color from the one on the photographs. Because of the lights used to make the photos.

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Almandin garnet

A wonderful cabinet size specimen of several very well shaped almandine garnet crystals, in chlorite shists. Size of the crystals are between 8 and 12 mm.

Almandin garnet on albite

One very aesthetic tumbnail size specimen of small and very well shaped almandin crystals overgrowth white albite crystals

Red garnet almandin with quartz

One beautiful cabinet size specimen of very well terminated, red color garnet crystals with size up to 5-8 mm, with very lustrous faces. What is very rare to see is part of the cavity pegmatite mother rock where are developed almandin crystals.

Garnet, quartz and orthoclase

A nice and rare (by size) specimen of orthoclase and quartz with well-shaped crystals of transparent to translucent almandine garnets with strong red color.